About Eric Davy

The driving force behind my art is the desire to boldly and aggressively colour the world we live in. My passion for glass is motivated by the tangible expressions of my loud and colourful self that result from my studio work. The heat in the shop and the physical intensity of the process make for an invigorating dance. Glass has taught me to be zen; it takes time to produce a beautiful piece and only seconds to ruin it. Nothing lasts forever… and glass is an exquisite representation of this life truth. Its inconstant states (fluid, solid, broken, and ultimately fluid again) embody the ever-changing nature of myself and the world around me.

I am constantly working to push the limits of my technical and artistic abilities. Perfection is an illusion… but practice does afford an artist bountiful results. I believe that technique is the servant of artistic expression, and I am dedicated to spending as much time as possible in the studio honing my craft. Fresh twists on old ideas, using a medium in unexpected ways, and transforming narrative elements can provoke, enlighten, and shift one’s paradigm into something new and wonderful.

Stark contrast and impressionistic renderings of the natural world feature heavily in my work, and I experiment extensively with obscure aesthetics in form and concept. My drip and comet collections are illustrations of these endeavours. I also enjoy taking risks with colour that occasionally result in chemical reactions that render unexpected and stunning results. In my casting work, I am developing pieces that play on the idea of fragility as it relates to transportation, with unexpected combinations. A perfect Davy piece is technically exact and aesthetically balanced in its use of colour, shape, and pattern (featuring consistently random, organized chaos).